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HASHEIGHT develops products and services to create an inclusive, friendly, supportive environment for daily life, education, personal development, travel, and leisure for blind, visually impaired, deaf-blind, deaf people, and people with other types of disabilities limited them in their daily life experience. The Game itself, among other things, targeting the development of neuronet connection between people. We create products that improve the quality of their life and eliminate boundaries. "SWITCH ON" stream combines projects and initiatives developing and enforcing in-born capabilities of neuro communication. That makes it possible to include all people without exception in the broadest communication network. We create tools and instruments to train people suffering lack of core senses on how to train neuro communication and be switched on.



HIRO neuronet connector connects people without devices, using in-born capabilities of brain and body. Also, side effects are having a positive impact on the biology and neuroscience of people. We are working on a product MVP, prepare that for patenting in UK and clinical studies at the University of Oxford, and perform scientific research to prove the underlying medical effect.



Audazzle is a young UK company developing games and software for blind and visually impaired people. Two products were already released - Aloniverse AR Game Cards, and JumpinSaucers, computer game, and available for purchase in the UK. 



Repnin Kennel Yard is engaging in professional breeding, training, and handling of the working class and service dogs that, among other tasks, are capable serve people with disabilities, including the visually impaired. The project is relaunching now.


We tailor our core product The Game for everyone. The Game is inclusive and friendly for people with disabilities of any kind, specifically those that limit the capability to work with digital and computer equipment.  




Simonov Monastery in Moscow was established in 1370 by monk Feodor, a nephew, and disciple of St Sergius of Radonezh. The monastery is a part of the heritage of HASHEIGHT's CEO, owner, and founder Raevskaya-Repnina.

The monastery land formerly belonged to Simeon Khovrin, a boyar of Greek extraction and progenitor of the great clan of Golovin. He took monastic vows in the cloister under the name Simon (hence the name); many of his descendants are also buried there. In 1379, the monastery was moved half a mile to the east. Its original location, where the bodies of the warriors killed in the Battle of Kulikovo had been buried, is still commemorated by the old Simonov church. The monastery now in bad condition and requires restoration. At the moment on the territory is functioning only the church for the deaf and dumb. The company aims to recover the monastery and support further development of inclusive, religious, and educational activities for deaf and dumb, deaf-blind, blind, and visually impaired people and set up in the monastery a historical cluster dedicated to the history of religion.