The artifact is a special unique thing providing you significant advantages if you find that in a computer game - immortality, mana extension, immediate health repair, teleportation, and others unique advantages. HASHEIGHT business artifacts do the same, but for your business and in real life. You can buy them, win, or get as a gift. Some artifacts can be transferrable.

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Pre-order today to receive your artifact from an exclusive first arrival batch. Payment for placing a pre-order is not required. The first batch of artifacts comes with special additions. Several restrictions are applied. Visit the BOOST business tuning atelier website for further information. The product is subject to country quotas. In the queue, there is a priority list for the BOOST business tuning atelier, BOOST Group, HASHEIGHT, Turnaround Guide clients. To test products, read reviews, learn more about artifacts, and order the mobile application in a separate installment, visit gizmos websites clicking on the Gizmo above or through their pages on our website. Pre-order does not require prepayment but is only an electronic queue for our Gizmos. If you expect to use HASHEIGHT services and businesses for which the presence of an artifact is a prerequisite, you will need to prepay the artifact before receiving it. Until the time of arrival of the artifact, you will receive a temporary device, which will serve as a pass inside the Game until it starts. This temporary device shall be replaced by a full-function artifact upon delivery. You will be noticed about the details additionally.


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